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Stylish X Twin Size Bed Swing Frame
Bed Swing Hadrware and Hanging Material


Twin Size Bed Frame measures 42" X 84"
A 6' X 9' Space will comfortably fit the Bed Swing all around.
Cushions go great with this product! Click here to pick out your Sunbrella Cushions.
Atlanta Bed Swings provides Installations! Call Us to see if we service your area.

The Stylish X, brought to you by Atlanta Bed Swings, offers an incredible way to relax indoors or out. Made from top-quality materials, this forever classic style Bed Swing is carefully designed and handcrafted for years of memories, making it our most popular design in the Bed Swing line-up!

Some Things to Note:
Bed Swing Mattresses, Fabrics, and Inserts pictured are not included. Click here to check out our Cushion Sets!

Paint Options:
Atlanta Bed Swings uses all of Sherwin-Williams' colorways! Simply input your color name or "SW" Code. Stains from Varathane Stains are available as well. We can finish the Bed Swing Solid or Distressed.

We offer Installations! Call Us to see if you are in our area, or ask for our Installation Instructions (Purchase Required).

Wall Clearance:
When installing your Bed Swing, we reccomend a clearance of 2' or more in Front, 2' or more in Back, and 10" on each side. 


Hanging Material Information:
We carry 1" Manilla Rope, Steel Rods, and Stainless Steel Rods. Each item holds at least 1,000 lbs.

In Progress: American Bed Swing

$1,869.00 Regular Price
$1,475.00Sale Price
Paint Color
  • 1.  One year warranty on installation by Atlanta Bed Swings installer.  No warranty if self-installed or hired out by customer.

    2.  One year warranty on wood, paint, rods, rope, etc.  In the event there is a problem not caused by misuse in the first year, we will gladly repair or replace. With the purchase of a Bed Swing Cover, and agreement to actively use said cover, there is a two year guarantee on the items listed above. There will be a $50 travelling fee only on repairing or replacing problems not caused by misuse within the warranty time period.

    3.  Five year limited warranty comes with Sunbrella fabric. This warranty is applicable to fabrics from these collections: Sunbrella Upholstery Fabrics, Sunbrella Alloy, Sunbrella Clarity, Sunbrella Fundamental, Sunbrella Plus, Sunbrella Supreme, and Sunbrella Unity. This warranty applies to the original purchaser of Sunbrella fabric and protects against Sunbrella fabric becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals. This warranty covers Sunbrella fabric only. This warranty does not cover normal care and cleaning; damage from misuse or abuse; improper installation; or costs associated with replacement of the fabric, including labor and installation. Glen Raven’s liability is expressly limited to this warranty. Glen Raven reserves the right to inspect the fabric submitted for claim. Glen Raven will supply new equivalent fabric to replace the fabric that becomes unserviceable.

    4.  Cushions have Moisture-Block inserts and are mold and mildew RESISTANT.  Problems occurring within the first six months will be taken under review.

    5.  Any time frame given for delivery is an estimate.  Our products are all handcrafted, so they may take longer than initially estimated.

    6.  When installing, an estimated time frame window will be set up with customer.

    7.  One half of total package price is due before beginning your order. This payment is non-refundable.

    8.  Balance is due on day of installation or delivery.  Any delays in payment are subject to an 18% upcharge on unpaid amount.  Consideration to circumstances will be given.

    9.  In the event that payment in full is not made within 30 days (including late charges), merchandise is subject to be picked up by a company representative.  If customer then pays and wants merchandise returned, a second installation fee and a restocking charge may be imposed.

    10. In the event that the customer/client must reschedule the installation, delivery, or pickup of a product, the customer/client must understand that it may take longer to reschedule installation, delivery, or pickup of said product than the customer/client desires due to our pre-set schedule.

    11.  Prices quoted are for ground floor installation.  There will be an additional $100 charge per floor.  Any obstruction or difficulties pertaining to installation not revealed to ABS at time of order will be subject to additional installation charges.

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