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Fusion Collection

Sunbrella Fusion Collection

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Novelty patterns, modern and contemporary motifs, and an array of texture and shade options to suit every palate give you room to play, so don’t be afraid to experiment, add pops of color and try something new. Fusion encourages the layering of different scales, tones and textures. Select from a spectrum of hues, from handsome neutrals to bright corals and saturated blues, and bring together a monochromatic medley of nature-inspired jacquards, geometric lines, patterned solids, polished textures or whatever catches your eye. The possibilities are endless.

A Designer’s Playground

Current Fusion Collection - Plains & Textures

2020-2022 Sunbrella Fusion Collection Fabrics

Plains & Textures

Grab a pen & paper to write down some fabrics you like.



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