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  • Where are you located?
    Atlanta Bed Swings is of course professionally based in Atlanta, however we are very abroad. We have our Woodshop located in Campbellton, FL and the Seamstress Shop is in Marianna, FL. We have a warehouse in Chamblee, GA and will be setting our products in North Atlanta Showroms soon. Currently you can find us at many shows and festivals in Atlanta such as Scott Antique Markets every month.
  • What is a Bed Swing?
    Only the best thing ever! The term Bed Swing derives from the fusion of the Original Porch Swing and a Bed. They are most commonly Twin Size, but can be custom sized. Bed Swings can be seen on front porches, under decks, on a pergola, or even indoors! They are usually installed using Manilla Rope, but can also hang from Steel Rods and Chain.
  • What are the frames constructed of?
    The Bed Swing Frames are carefully handcrafted with premium Kiln-Dried Northern White Pine and Poplar, with upgrade options of Cypress or Western Red Cedar. Most companies use Kiln-Dried Southern Yellow Pine, however Yellow Pine has much more sap than Northen White Pine and often has paint/stain complications. Cypress and Western Red Cedar are currently not avaiable to add as an option on the Online Store. You can Contact Us to use a custom Wood Option.
  • Can you deliver the Bed Swings?
    Yes! All of our products are available to ship to anywhere in the Continental US. Contact Us about all our Delivery options.
  • Can you install the Bed Swings?
    Of course! The Installation is a pinnacle part of purchasing a Bed Swing. What kind of company only gives you half of a product? (Hint: Not a great one) Contact Us to see if you are in our Installation Service Area.
  • Can I install them myself?
    Sure! Bed Swing Installations do take some time, and require craftmanship experinece and specialty tools. Many contrators or builders that purchase Bed Swings from us will install themselves, but our Homeowner clients that are not as experienced usually have us install to ensure you will enjoy this Bed Swing for years to come. Contact Us to see if you are in our Installation Service Area.
  • Is there instructions for self-installation?
    Yes! Just contact us to receive the most recent instructions.
  • Can you make a pergola/structure for the Bed Swings?
    We have a list of businesses we reccomend using based on your location and desires when wanting pergola or structure built. A stand for the Bed Swings are avaiable, just Contact Us for more info.
  • Will it hang from my structure?
    Any structure built after the 1940s that is supporting a roof will usually hold the Bed Swings. The only variables is if the bracing has been firred down or if you do not having bracing in the area you want the Bed Swing. Either of these problems can be resolved by using our Steel Bracing. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your structure.
  • What should I do if my house is being built?
    If the ceiling where you plan on putting you Bed Swing has not been finished, this is the optimal time to start! Have your contactor put bracing in exactly where you want the Bed Swing so that when it's time to install it everything will be perfect! Contact us to receive our Bed Swing Bracing Installation Instructions.
  • Do you only make Bed Swings?
    Bed Swings are what we specialize in, but we don't stop there. Atlanta Bed Swings offers Outdoor Steel Chairs with prospects of adding to our Outdoor Furniture Line.
  • What are the pillows made of?
    The covers are made from Sunbrella, the #1 outdoor/indoor performance fabric in the world. Each pillow is sewn with UV Grade Thread and Outdoor Zippers. The inserts are outdoor grade made from your choice of basic inserts, or waterproof and mold/mildew resistant inserts.
  • What is Sunbrella?
    Sunbrella is the absolute #1 Outdoor/Indoor Performance Fabric in the world. Ever since the 1960's Sunbrella has brought industry leading textiles to the market so that you and I could obtain comfortable and worry-free fabrics. Currently we offer over 500 Sunbrella fabrics which are bleachable, mold/mildew resistant, breathable, and have a 5 Year Warranty.
  • Are the pillows removable and washable?
    Absolutley! Every cushion including the mattress has a zipper on it so you can take the covers off and wash them. Atlanta Bed Swings uses Sunbrella Fabrics which are machine washable, bleach cleanable, mold/mildew resistant, and stain resistant. Click here to see our Care and Cleaning Instuctions.
  • Can you do custom sizes?
    For sure! Just contact us and we can do any custom size you would like.
  • What is the weight limit
    Each item we use has a different weight limit, but the lowest reccomended limit is 1,000 lbs. and we will be doing a breaking point very soon.
  • Where can I find you on Social Media?
    We are currently on these Social Media platforms below: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Tumblr Youtube Vimeo
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